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Pest Control Services in Moreno Valley TX


Beyond being a nuisance, pests that find their way into your home or office can be hazardous to your health. While termites can destroy property, insects like ticks and fleas can spread deadly illnesses like Lyme disease and typhus, so it’s important to keep your living and working spaces entirely free of pests.

In Moreno Valley, the warm months of spring and summer are nice, but the increase in temperature also brings a spike in insect populations. Winter has its own set of problems, with bugs and vermin seeking out sheltered spaces to avoid the chilly outdoors. No matter what the season or the issue, Prime Time Pest Control has the skills and experience to restore your space to the pest-free haven it should be.


Amateur pest control people may claim to be experts, but will often try to simply spray the problem away. This can cause further problems, as the creatures will likely find a place to hide before dying, forcing you to destroy large parts of the walls in order to retrieve the dead critters. Avoid unnecessary structural damage by going with the certified professionals at Prime Time Pest Control, who are well-trained in proper pest removal. At Prime Time Pest Control, we take a humane approach, using chemicals that are gentle on the environment, reducing the impact on surrounding areas..

Moreno Valley knows it can count on Prime Time Pest Control when they’re dealing with a case of the creepy crawlies, thanks to our ability to provide top quality service at reasonable rates. Our team of certified professionals are able to swiftly and efficiently identify the problem plaguing you, and can quickly deal with it so you can go back to enjoying your pest-free space.


At Prime Time Pest Control, we’re happy to provide information on how to rid your home or workspace of vermin. For example, did you know that by planting things like spearmint or citronella you can prevent the appearance of fleas, mosquitos and other insects, while also surrounding yourself with natural air fresheners? For more tips and tricks, or to speak with one of our qualified staff members to get a free quote, contact Prime Time Pest Control today.