5 star ratingI read all the reviews and I am so happy to say this company is great! I first spoke with David the owner and he was very polite and nice and set an appointment for me.Joey came to my house today September 4, 2020 because I had a wasp nests and some kind of rat droppings. Joey is the most polite person and he listened to everything I said and did exactly what I asked him to do. I was so happy with him and I signed up for bi monthly service. He was very sensitive to my needs as I am on oxygen 24 hours a day. I got a discount on today's work because I signed up for the plan and it was very reasonable. He was here for an hour. What a great experience!
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Lyn R.

Perris Pest Control

Do you have an insect or pest problem you want to eliminate? Contact Prime Time Pest Control for quality Perris pest control service. Our technicians can help you rid your home or office of unwanted and potentially dangerous pests.

Prime Time Pest Control is the best choice for local pest control in Perris. Our highly trained technicians are professional and experienced. Customers receive a personalized pest control service that takes all pest control needs seriously.

Areas Serviced in Perris

Prime Time Pest Control has proudly served Perris and the surrounding area for over 27 years. We service residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Whether you live in an apartment, condo, townhome, or house, we can solve pest problems at your home so you can get back to your busy schedule.

We have also serviced local businesses, including nursing homes, medical facilities, hospitals, dorms, professional offices, hotels, motels, and more.

Our Pest Control Services in Perris

Prime Time Pest Control can eliminate, remove, or relocate a variety of insects and pesky animals. Our local pest control service can handle all your pest issues quickly and efficiently.

Common Household Pests

If you see ants, flies, roaches, or spiders, call our pest control company for extermination services. These bugs can bite, cause damage to your home, and are just gross. Other insects we eliminate in our customers’ homes include crickets, earwigs, and silverfish. These pests are smelly, noisy, and can cause damage to your home or business. Call Prime Time Pest Control for pest control service near you.

Pest Infestations

In addition to common household insects, Prime Time Pest Control can also eradicate insect infestations. Businesses need to quickly eliminate bedbugs, carpet beetles, and fleas as soon as possible. These bugs can also infest your home. These bugs bite and can irritate your skin. Pest infestations destroy things like mattresses, carpets, and other fabrics. Immediately contact our pest control company in Perris if you see any of these bugs. Seeing just one of these bugs means you might quickly experience a destructive infestation.

Flying Pests

Mosquitos are annoying, bite, and can carry diseases. Call a pest control contractor if you notice swarms of mosquitos in your yard so they can be eliminated quickly. After our Perris exterminator takes care of your mosquito problem, they can give suggestions on how to reduce the chances of a reoccurrence.

Wasps are another flying pest you don’t want in or near your home or business. Wasps set up colonies that are challenging and dangerous to remove. Our Perris pest control service will safely remove dangerous wasp colonies.

Bees, unlike other flying pests, are necessary for our ecosystem. If you see a swarm of bees or notice an incoming hive try to move in, don’t call any pest control service in Perris. Prime Time Pest Control will safely and responsibly relocate bee colonies.

Rodents and Birds

Call our local pest control company near you if you notice rodents. You don’t want rats or mice hanging around your home or work. Rodents carry diseases, are dirty, smell bad, and can quickly damage your property.

If you have pigeons nesting in your attic or crawl space, our pest control contractor can help with easy removal. These birds create a lot of waste, are disruptive, and are also known to carry diseases.

Why Partner with Prime Pest Control in Perris

When you need a pest control company in Perris, partner with Prime Time Pest Control. Every customer gets a comprehensive, free, and thorough inspection. Then we will create a custom treatment plan to eliminate or remove pesky insects and animals. Our experienced exterminators use effective and eco-friendly removal methods. We will conduct recurring checks to guarantee year-long protection from insects, rodents, and birds.