5 star ratingI found just one tiny mouse in the house and was worried there might be more. I called Prime Time Pest and they came out promptly. They offered to set up a few traps (2 different kinds) throughout the house to see if we had a pest problem or not. They were super professional and very knowledgeable about the advice they gave us for our particular situation. The price was very reasonable! Luckily we ended up not having a pest problem but if I ever need another pest related services again I will most definitely be calling them. I highly recommend this company!
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Jaimee W.

Riverside Pest Control

When you have a pest problem you want to eliminate, call Prime Time Pest Control for Riverside pest control service. We can help you rid your home or office of unwanted and potentially harmful pests.

With over 27 years of experience, Prime Time Pest Control has to be your first choice for a local pest control company in Riverside.

Our highly trained technicians are experienced and professional. Prime Time Pest Control service takes your pest control needs seriously. We offer free quotes and routine inspections to keep your space bug-free.

Pest Control Services in Riverside

For over 27 years, Prime Time Pest Control has served Riverside and the surrounding region. We exterminate residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. We have serviced local businesses, including medical facilities, professional offices, nursing homes, dorms, hospitals, hotels, motels, and much more. We can also solve your pest control problems at home.

Common Pests in Riverside

Prime Time Pest Control can eliminate and relocate a variety of pests. Our local pest control service can handle all your pest issues from insects to rodents to birds.

Our pest control company exterminates common pests, like ants, flies, roaches, and spiders. These bugs have painful bites and can cause damage to your home.

Other insects we exterminate in our customers’ homes include earwigs, silverfish, and crickets. These small pests give off foul odors, are noisy, and can damage your home or belongings. If you notice any pests invading your space, call Prime Time Pest Control for a speedy pest control service near you.

Insect Infestations

In addition to common household pests, Prime Time Pest Control can also eradicate insect infestations. If businesses don’t quickly eliminate bedbugs, carpet beetles, or fleas they can experience a harmful infestation.

These insects can also infest your homes and offices. Bug bites from these insects hurt and can cause skin irritations. These pests destroy expensive property like mattresses, carpets, and other fabrics. If you see any of these bugs, contact our pest control company in Riverside for immediate service. Just one of these bugs can quickly turn into an infestation.

Flying Pests

You don’t want flying pests to make their home in or near your home or office. Wasps colonies develop quickly. They can be challenging and dangerous to remove. Our Riverside pest control service will safely remove wasp colonies so you don’t have to.

Mosquitos are not only annoying, but they will bite you and they carry diseases. Call a pest control contractor if you notice swarms of mosquitos in your yard. After our Riverside exterminator eliminates your mosquito problem, they will offer suggestions on eliminating future occurrences.

Unlike other flying insects, bees are necessary for our ecosystem. If you have a swarm of bees or notice an incoming hive trying to move in, don’t call any pest control service in Riverside. Prime Time Pest Control will responsibly and safely remove and relocate bee colonies.

Birds and Rodents

If you notice pigeons nesting in your crawl space or attic, call our pest control contractor for easy bird removal. These animals are noisy, create waste, and are known to carry diseases.

You should also call our local pest control company near you if you notice rodents, like rats or mice. These pests also carry diseases, are dirty, smell bad, and can damage your property.

Partner with Prime Pest Control for Your Pest Control Needs

You should partner with Prime Time Pest Control when you need a pest control company in Riverside. Each service starts with a free and thorough inspection. Following the assessment of your space, you will receive a custom treatment plan.

Our experienced exterminators will use effective and eco-friendly methods. We will conduct recurring inspections to guarantee year-long protection from unwanted pests. Choose the best in local pest control service, choose Prime Time Pest Control.