5 star ratingFantastic Service and best rates in the Pass area!!! Have recommended to two of my neighbors. Fabian gets every nook and cranny, and even moves furniture. Came out within 1 day after I called between appointments with problems (because of neighbor). They actually have showed up before each appointment time!

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Pigeons Hemet

While pigeons aren’t commonly associated with pest control, they cause problems for many Hemet business owners and families. If pigeons have taken over your business or home, our Prime Time Pest Control team can remove them quickly. We work with our local clients to ensure they don’t endure the negative consequences of having pigeons on their property.

If you want to contact us to speak about our pigeon removal services, you can call our Hemet pest control service at 951-791-0040.

Issues Associated with Pigeons

There are many problems associated with having pigeons present in your home or business. Let’s explore them below:

• Nests: Pigeons can build nests in your attic or crawl spaces.

• Waste: Pigeons are known to leave a mess behind. If you want to avoid droppings, bad smells, and other issues, make sure to eliminate pigeons before they take over your property.

• Disease: Pigeons are also known to carry diseases. Histoplasmosis and other diseases can be transmitted to humans via pigeon feces.

• Noise: Pigeons are also notoriously noisy, which can be a disaster for your home or business. If you want to avoid constantly being interrupted by bird calls, then ridding yourself of pigeons is essential.

Hemet Pigeon Pest Control Company

At Prime Time Pest Control, we’re a local pest control service that can tackle any type of pigeon problem. We’ll identify the vulnerabilities in your home or business that have allowed the pigeon issue to develop. Next, we’ll remove the pigeons and prevent future issues from occurring!

We want to develop long-term pigeon solutions for our clients – we work hard to provide the best pigeon control services in Hemet!

Cheap Pigeon Removal in Hemet

If you’re searching for a pest control contractor that’s cheaper than other pest control companies, we’re here to help. We make pigeon services accessible for everyone. Make sure to call us today if you want a free quote for our services.

Fast Pest Control Service in Hemet

If you want a pigeon exterminator that works quickly, then Prime Time Pest Control is the first contractor you should choose. Our speedy pigeon removal services will help you combat pigeon problems of any size.

Call Hemet’s Best Pigeon Service Today!

If you’re ready to remove pigeons in Hemet, California, don’t delay contacting Prime Time Pest Control at 951-791-0040. We’re here to help you gain access to reliable and cost-effective pigeon removal services. We’ll work quickly to help you avoid a pigeon infestation!