5 star ratingHave been a customer for just about a year now on a bi monthly schedule. They are going above and beyond my expectations of customer service. First off one of their technicians named Joey is awesome! Answers all and any questions you have very knowledgeable with this line of work. The communication with the company is outstanding I receive a call when they are on their way and have never been stood up or had a late appointment. Had the pleasure of meeting the owner today and he too is just like his employees. They are family owned and operated and you can tell as they know that customers come first and that build a good PR with the consumer is #1. Hands down the best pest company I've ever worked with.

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Travis C.

Wasps Hemet

A wasp infestation can quickly cause problems for residents and business owners alike. These pesky insects deliver a powerful sting – it’s an experience that you want to avoid at all costs. At Prime Time Pest Control, we provide wasp removal services to clients throughout Hemet, California.

We use the industry’s most advanced wasp control methods to ensure your wasp problem is eliminated. If you would like to speak to our team about a wasp issue in Hemet, please call us now at 951-791-0040.

Wasp Pest Control Company in Hemet

At Prime Time Pest Control, we can handle any type of wasp issue. Check out our services below:

Wasp Colony Removal in Hemet

As a provider of all types of wasp services, we can quickly remove wasp colonies from your property in Hemet. Wasp colonies can grow quickly – and the colony may extend out of sight. For a full assessment of your property, please contact Prime Time Pest Control.

Once we locate the source of the wasp colony on your property, we’ll begin the removal process – it won’t be long until your wasp problem is gone!

Wasp Hive Removal in Hemet

Removing a wasp hive doesn’t need to be a nightmare. We can identify and eliminate all types of wasp hives in Hemet, California. Contact Prime Time Pest Control to solve the problem at your home or business today.

Wasp Swarm Removal in Hemet

Wasp swarms can be dangerous and intimidating. If you’re searching for pest control companies to control a wasp swarm, don’t settle for a subpar contractor – contact Prime Time Pest Control.

Affordable Wasp Pest Control Contractor in Hemet

If you need to remove wasps from your home or business in Hemet, but you’re worried about the price of a professional pest removal service, it’s time to contact Prime Time Pest Control. We provide cost-effective wasp pest control services to anyone that needs help!

Call a Local Pest Control Service in Hemet Today!

If you need a wasp exterminator that can work quickly to protect your home or business, then it’s time to contact Prime Time Pest Control. We understand what it takes to provide permanent solutions to chronic wasp problems. If you get in touch with our team today, we can assess your wasp issue and develop a comprehensive pest removal strategy.

You can reach Prime Time Pest Control now at 951-791-0040 – we’re more than happy to provide free wasp removal estimates over the phone!